Affirmations of a CEO on the Move
Can I share with you the best move I ever made as a CEO? I made room for God in my boardroom and I collaborate with Him on a daily basis. I welcome Him to use me to bring glory to His kingdom. To keep it real, I get out of the way so He can have His way. I want to share with you how I invited Him into all the areas of my business, especially the ones where I have it under control. If I am doing ok, I love it when He does exceedingly and abundantly above all I can think or ask. I make my best moves when I have my partner by my side, so come on in and get comfy as I, along with my co-authors, share the moves that make us the best CEOs.
Yolanda K. Churchwell
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Contributing CEO

Yolanda K. Churchwell is a best-selling author, a speaker, and the founder of The Business Assistance Group LLC (The BAG). She used her professional skillset to create a company that helps women entrepreneurs take the hassle out of their hustle so they can make more money and have more free time. She provides coaching and support to service-based businesses to streamline their operations for maximum profitability. As The System Solutionist, Yolanda partners with entrepreneurs to create standard operating procedures and recommend and implement systems to create a foundation to support their business for growth and streamline their operations. In short, her clients get The BAG to help them secure their bags!

Yolanda resides in Erie County, Ohio, where she enjoys spending time with family and friends and being a Contributing Writer for OWN It! magazine.

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A Message
from our
Visionary CEO

This journal was created with you in mind. My goal is to help you move forward in your power, purpose, and destiny. This journal will inspire, uplift, and elevate your thinking. So get ready for something different.

Keeping a journal has proven to be a valuable tool for me in terms of letting go of unpleasant emotions, reducing stress, and identifying unhealthy patterns of thinking. 

Keeping a journal improves our relationships because it helps us deal with difficult situations in a calmer manner. It also allows us to plan ahead of time by detecting what is on our minds. Even those who aren’t introverted can benefit from journaling because it helps everyone better understand themselves and grow emotionally stronger.

Journaling has taken me on a journey of self-awareness and growth. It is my desire for you to experience the same freedom and discovery that I now have.

In this book, I and 28 other amazing women from around the world will offer our most effective affirmations, quotes, and advice. As you take charge of your voice, your future, your success, and your legacy, you’ll find yourself eager to write in this journal.